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Coalition of Green Artists


The Coalition of Green Artists is a group of professional artists, educators and philanthropists committed to environmentally-friendly approaches to creativity, and united to promote innovative solutions to the need for art supplies and materials in schools and community recreation centers.

The Green Artists identify sources of industrial and commercial scrap, approach business owners willing to donate paper, cardboard, wood, metal, textiles and other materials which would normally be discarded. They gather, warehouse, sort and process those items, and in turn distribute them to schools and recreational centers as a way of supporting art, shop and craft classes which have increasingly become challenged by reductions in available funding. It is the goal of the Green Artists to encourage recycling in the arts community through a program of support and education.

Those who would like to participate in the program, receive materials or donate resources, are welcome to contact the organization.

We look forward to working with young people and educators, as well as local artists and crafters who would like to learn about the use of recycled materials in the arts. Together, we can challenge the creative process and enhance the environment and our community.

Coalition of Green Artists

Coalition of Green Artists
1421 E Street - No. 3
Lincoln, NE 68508

(402) 742-6464

Be part of the solution!

You can help ...

Invest in success! Your gift will make it possible supply schools with much needed materials for art education and provide art supplies to community recreation centers for arts and craft programs for both children and adults.

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We have some immediate needs for the operation of the Coalition of Green Artists. If you can provide any of the following, they will go to good use by the organization and help us serve the community.

Warehouse Space
Paper Cutter
Office Furniture & Supplies
Printer for use with iMac Computer
Packaging Supplies

To volunteer, or provide materials which can be used in classrooms for arts and craft projects, please contact our office at (402) 742-6464.

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